Four Pieces From a Distance (2020) 19′

for Brass Quintet (2Tpt. Hn. Tbn. Tb) and Organ

Commissioned by The Norwegian Organ Festival and NyNorsk Messingkvintett.

Score: Four Pieces From a Distance

First performance September 19, 2020 in Stavanger Concert Hall by NyNorsk Messingkvintett and Anders Eidsten Dahl (Organ).

Four Pieces From a Distance were composed in the spring of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic under the strict regulations of social distancing. In several sections of the piece, the musicians are asked to play completely without coordination with the other performers. Two of the movements are based on traditional hymns, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus and Children of the Heavenly Father. The latter has been given the subtitle “Andrà tutto bene”, the Italian expression that children all over the world wrote on their rainbow drawings with a desire and hope that in the end everything will be alright.

I. Prelude
II. O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
III. Toccata
IV. Children of the Heavenly Father (Andrà tutto bene)