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a0180483131_10Selected Solo Works, Vol. 3

Frode Haltli, accordion



Nephilim Song alongside works by Robert HP Platz and Magnar Åm



Arrangements of Norwegian folk music
Oslo Chamber Choir
Håkon Daniel Nystedt, conductor




Konsert for orkester

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Peter Szilvay, conductor
Peter Herresthal, violin


Works: Konsert for orkester


preSage | Violin Concerto

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
Rolf Gupta, conductor
Peter Herresthal, violin


Works: preSage and Violin Concerto

MI0003399013Inside Out

Rolf Borch, clarinet
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Juanjo Mena, conductor
Marius Hesby, trombone
Tora Augestad, mezzo soprano
Tanja Orning, cello

Works: Prologue, Chant and A leaf falls in loneliness and Inside Out


Ensemble Ernst
Thomas Rimul, conductor
Sverre Riise, trombone



Works: Atem and “…but I must have said this before…” alongside works by Arne Nordheim and Salvatore Sciarrino

ACD5048-300x295Lights Out

Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Rolf Gupta, conductor



Works: Four miniatures for orchestra alongside works by Evan Gardner, Jan Erik Mikalsen and Jørgen Karlstrøm.

81gq8DdxGyL._SS500_Crossing Patterns

Lars-Erik ter Jung, violin
Thomas Kjekstad, guitar



Works: Crossing Patterns alongside works by Tanja Orning, Henrik Hellstenius, Jon Øivind Ness and Magnar Åm.

ACD5081-768x768Snarks in the kitchen

Sverre Riise, trombone
Sigstein Folgerø, piano
Emery Cardas, cello
Oslo Sinfonietta
Christian Eggen, conductor


Works: “…since I say it now…” alongside works by Arne Nordheim and Jon Øivind Ness



Ila Brass Band
Bjørn Sagstad, conductor



Works: Klang(!) and Arabesk (arrangement of Olav Anton Thommessens Stabsarabesk) alongside folk tone arrangements and works by Knut Nystedt.

Skjermbilde 2019-02-24 kl. 00.21.05the Blank Spaces

Kristian Lindberg, piano




Works: ± 25 alongside works by Jørgen Karlstrøm, Julian Skar and Jan Erik Mikalsen


The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir
Grete Pedersen, conductor
Berit Opheim, vocals
Gjermund Larsen, violin
Rolf Lislevand, lute
Bjørn Kjellemyr, double bass

Works: Folk song arrangements


Uranienborg Vokalensemble
Elisabeth Holte, conductor
Inger-Lise Ulsrud, Organ



Works: Når sola renn i himmelrand (arrangements) alongside various arrangements of Nordic hymns.