Hunting low and high









Solo Euphonium and Wind Band

20' 00''

Commissioned by Tormod Flaten. First performance by Forsvarets Musikkorps Vestlandet conducted by Trond Korsgård (soloist: Tormod Flaten), 29.09.06 in Teatergarasjen - Bergen.

Hunting Low and High is inspired by the traditional virtuoso air varie solos which the euph repertoire is so full of. In these works a rather simple melody is usually developed into more and more breathtaking variations. The aim is to impress the audience as much as possible, and to show what our hero, the soloist, can do. My work is in many ways a meta-solo. It is a variation type solo, but it also comments the variation type solos. It is a virtuoso work, but it also comments on the virtuosity.

The work follows the air varie structure, with an introduction, variations and cadenzas, but the outcome is rather unusual – the work collapses under the weight of all the crazy virtuoso ideas.

Hunting Low and High is almost a parody, but every good parody is made with love. It is full of bizarre humour, but has also got a sad undertone – what is the soloist hunting for (low and high)? A meaning behind all the tones?