± 25









Solo piano

8' 00''

Commissioned by Ny Musikks Komponistgruppe.
First performance by Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, 03.03.05 in Gamle Logen - Oslo.

+-25 is based on Elliot Carters solo piano piece 90+, which he composed as a tribute to Goffredo Petrassi on his 90th birthday. In 2004 the Norwegian pianist and conductor Magnus Loddgard made an orchestration of his piece. I have used a multifiltered recording of this orchestration and transcribed it back into the solo piano setting. My piece +-25 - is therefore a result of a Carter-interpretation by an ochestrator, a conductor, 60 musicians (the orchestra), my computer and myself as a composer. All the unforeseen (mis)interpretations that arises, transforms the Carter-piece into something that is definetely not Carter, ad maybe not even me. Only in certain passages the original slips through.